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Horizon Technologies modem?


i think shelly should have that modem. oh wait, she doesnt need it, she already has l337 b00bs.
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you said boobs...
no no, i said b00bs, because i am so l337.

ill r0x0rz j00r b0x0rz!!!!1
I am so pwn3d.
w3 r0x0rz!!!!11 j00r m0m sux0rz!!
My breasts thank you for your support.. its so nice for appendages to have a fan club
Well... I hate to disappoint, so here.


I'm member number 1.
make me #2.

almost fight club-esque. we need to write essays: i am shellys left breast. i entice all the boys to do naughty things. i am eternal and will never die.
Man... every time I try to write something, I get distracted by Shelly's cleavage in that picture.

Which is why we had to start the club. So that we may bow down and worship at the altar of Shelly and her breastesses.

We could totally make this a religion. Then we'd be tax-exempt.
i am pro tax exempt. prolly wont work out tho, like that episode of maried with children and they made the church of no ma'am. cause peg showed all the men pictures of al eating quiche.
What? Are they gonna find pictures of us not worshipping Shelly's boobs? Is that possible?

Either way, we'd still be way cooler than that "Jedi" religion.
slightly cooler. we may not be getting any, but at least we get to (possibly) see some from time to time...
we are still the only 2 members.

hgeheheh...i just said members.