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8th August 2006

emerging10:55am: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Current Mood: lol and the roflcopters

15th November 2005

_starchild_8:46pm: lolz
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: bouncy

7th June 2005

aklemai12:14am: hahahah!!!!!

the last post in this community was last year!!

that makes ME LOL!!

Current Mood: crazy

29th December 2004

xdiextryingx11:35pm: hey guys.
i made this community called thats_sweet.
its a community for things that you may find awesome. you can post pictures or a discription of what it is. it doesn't matter. please come join. thanksss. ♥

9th December 2004

gravesareready3:05pm: I HAPPEN TO

19th November 2004

aklemai11:49am: i h8 aolz net speek so much typped "toys r us" as "toy are us" and thought...wait, thats not right.
Current Mood: confused

26th February 2004

aklemai3:03pm: its all our fault
so someone called in today to complain about one of our drivers driving eractically. well, if you didnt know, this is time warner cable. we have ohhhh...a fleet of, lets say 300+ trucks.

so, ANYWAY, some guy calls to complain about an eratic driver. when asked what the truck number was, he didnt know.

when asked why he didnt know, he said it was because he didnt have his glasses on.


should this man really be allowed to drive a car? much less, breathe?
Current Mood: hyper

10th February 2004

aklemai9:29am: HA HA HA!!
Dennis Franz is on Regis and Kelly!!

what, its funny.

i hope he doesn't whip his ass out. wait, i hope he DOES!
Current Mood: silly

2nd February 2004

aklemai1:44pm: BWAHAHAH!!!
guess what business is getting a cable modem installed today??

Extreme Wholesale

buy 8 gallons of OJ...TO THE EXTREME!!!
or a giant box of bungee jumping cords. like a truck full.
Current Mood: sore

28th January 2004

ismellpretty8:19pm: ¡
Ugly (non) Emo's Don't Like Humans...
Current Mood: dirty

27th January 2004

ismellpretty7:07pm: ¿
What ez-actly do we do here? I dunno, but it sounds fun. Hiya?
Current Mood: amused

4th December 2003

aklemai9:45am: In soviet Russia, Pokémon catches you!
got another email from ticketmaster:

Subject: Don't miss Yakov Smirnoff
Yakov Smirnoff
Historic Pantages Theatre, Sat, 02/21/04

whos commin with me?!?
Current Mood: crazy

24th November 2003

aklemai12:48pm: i have become that guy...
Ok, so you are having problems recieving email. I will have to check with our DNS guys to see what is going on cause this looks a little weird. Once I get an answer I will get back in touch with you today. What works best for you, a phone call or should I just send you an email...?

Current Mood: sad

21st November 2003

aklemai5:17pm: WOW!! sam_chan talks like she pwnz this group or something:


seen here.
Current Mood: bouncy

30th October 2003

aklemai12:40pm: need to make any long distance calls...?
OMG!!! i just got an email from ticketmaster. dont wanna miss THIS one!!
Current Mood: excited

14th October 2003

aklemai10:41am: OMG!!!
holy crap! i wanna be in the next oxy clean commercial with billy mays! damn, hes a crazy motherfucker! some lady sad about grass stains on a shirt, and billy shows up with 2 lackeys and hes wearing a leather jacket and sun glasses. then they totally come in and do her laundry and clean up pet stains on the carpet. i think that may be some years halloween costume.

Current Mood: chipper

10th October 2003

aklemai11:23am: weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
while updating our data base of static customer modem types, i realized we have a customer listed as duke realty. kinda like duke phillips house of chicken and waffles.

Current Mood: amused

30th September 2003

aklemai3:21pm: LOL!!!!!!11
im on hold for technical support. the music thats playing?

smooth operator.
Current Mood: envious

17th July 2003

aklemai9:56am: kids say the darndest things...
"Oscar, were you an asshole?"
-Jermey The Intern, after Oscar talked about pushing kids around in High School.
Current Mood: silly

14th July 2003

ziuziuziu12:47pm: google image search for "omg lol"

Can five year olds read/use the internet??!
Current Mood: LOL-ish
aklemai1:51pm: more @work fun
Horizon Technologies modem?


i think shelly should have that modem. oh wait, she doesnt need it, she already has l337 b00bs.
Current Mood: horny

7th July 2003

aklemai11:53am: im such a dirty boy...
well...looking at the stocks today, BJ Services are Down.

would we expect them anywhere else??
Current Mood: amused

27th June 2003

aklemai12:20pm: HOLY COW!
you know on SNL when the host is doing is monologue, sometimes they have it staged where people in the audience ask questions. today the perosn that asked one of the question of jeff goldblum was...

Dave Attell!!

an slightly younger, skinnier Dave Attell. awesome.

and delta burke was on lois and clark this morning.
Current Mood: enthralled

20th June 2003

aklemai8:12am: SWEET MOTHER OF MARY!!
Fred Willard is on Lois and Clark this morning!!!!1 AS THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!1111oneonetwothreeeee!!1

Wha' Happen??
Current Mood: awake

6th June 2003

aklemai11:14am: HAHAHAH!!!
the FBI is so trying to be cool! they are training with 14 year old girls to learn how to talk online and catch pedos. so when you think you are talking to 14 year old jenny or lisa or tina, do a tracert on that ip and be sure big brother isnt watching you.

not that i would be doing that anyway.
Current Mood: dorky
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